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We must admit that the English language is considered the universal language. Wherever you go, you hear people talk and converse in English especially when two people coming from different countries try to communicate with each other. This means that even when going to non-English speaking countries, the exchange of communication can be best facilitated and understood if both parties are familiar with the language. In Indonesia, for instance, the country is booming with regards to its tourism, which is why teaching English in Indonesia is truly a great opportunity.

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TEFL Course in Indonesia targets various age brackets. Children and teenagers of the country are particularly interested in the English literature making it a popular technique used by teachers duly qualified with a TESOL certificate. Literature materials used in teaching are published in a simpler form providing a conversational style different from those intended for the adults.

TEFL Indonesia or "teaching English as a foreign language", "teaching English to speakers of other languages" or TESOL Course Indonesia is all about teaching English to foreign students or eager learners who do not use and converse in English being not their native language. The learning process generally takes place in the student's country of origin, which can be part of the state school curriculum or as private tutorial course. TEFL is handled by teachers whose first language is English or even natives who have eventually spoken the English language and have learned to teach it as well.

Why Indonesia?

In the world of tourism competition, Indonesia has been focusing toward its promotion and improvement by offering a lot of their tourist attractions with great pride and enthusiasm. Take the Sukuh Temple, a great destination boosting with antiquated and exceptional characteristics. The temple was discovered in 1815 by Sir Thomas Raffles. It is located thirty-five kilometers of Surakarta and is resting at 910 meters over sea level. It can be reached by heading towards Mt. Lawu where another tourist destination can be found: Tawangmangu. But since the road needs to be climbed at a 45-degree slant, the vehicle to be used must be in very good shape.

Aside from the country's tropical climate, one is sure to get bedazzled by Indonesia's interesting diversity of around 300 ethnic groups that strongly reflect the influences of European, Indian, Chinese, Malay, and Arabic cultures.

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With the rising tourism of Indonesia, it is still surprisingly one of the inexpensive travel destinations in Asia, offering the cheapest in hotel rates, transport, and food. And with the opportunity to get a TEFL Certification, you can never ask for more with TEFL Course Indonesia.

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